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Whether you are a blogger, a small corporate owner or a director of public relations, dot news let the world know that you have fresh and expedient information to share.

There were only a few dozen domain names when we were gone. Today, it is more convenient than ever to have a memorable web address that is immediately recognizable. There are hundreds of domains. Few are arrested as well as .news from all the domains names there. Who can withstand the broken story promise?

.news are perfect for: new domain names

  • Bloggers
  • Aggregators of news
  • Professionals in journalism, editors and news
  • Traditional news organization broadcast, print & online
  • Departments of Business PR
  • Contractors and startups

You can brand an existing digital newsroom, blog or About Us page with .news. Just register and point to the live page for your .news domain name. Then share your brand news address widely and extensively.

Please note the address of the .news website.

Everything that you have to share – the job opening, the slide deck of your lecture, your business kudos – there is one word: news. A..news domain tells your audience to find the latest and most valuable information on their topic. What you put before the dot – the name of your company, your sector – tells readers what your website is all about.

The increased number of street journalists who record and broadcast arrests, protests, coups and more from El Salvador to Egypt is also a natural choice.

Provide the good stuff with a shortcut.

Today, an effective online presence requires much more than one website, although it may be informative and well designed. Most brands maintain active profiles on the popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter®, YouTube®, Periscope® and Instagram®. By registering a .News domain, you can create an unforgettable path to newsworthy content by pointing it towards the Twitter or Instagram feed. Would you like to bring together all of your social media content for readers? Use your dot news to create a hub for bookmarking for customers, investors and fans. Whenever they are curious about you, they’ll know where they can go to find everything.

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