86% off VPN on NameCheap

From $0.83/mo for a secure, fast, and anonymous VPN service with up to 1000+ servers in 75+ locations globally. NameCheap, in particular, is giving out a free month of VPN service.

Get Free NameCheap VPN Coupon

NameCheap’s VPN service offers three subscription options: monthly, annual, and three-year. Namecheap’s VPN, like PureVPN or Keepsolid Unlimited VPN, safeguards your data with military-grade encryption and no DNS leaks. With NameCheap VPN, you receive an anonymous IP, a super-fast connection, and the option to connect from over 75 countries.


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  • The 68% discount requires 3-year plans.
  • Credit Cards & Paypal


  • No traffic logging
  • Encryption
  • Safe Wi-Fi
  • DNS leak defence
  • Spikes from ISPs
  • Hide your True IP
  • 75+ Sites and 1000+ Servers
  • Infinite Wi-Fi
  • DNS leak defence
  • Usage on up to 5 devices

There’s a Namecheap VPN software for every platform. It currently has no built-in browser versions or plug-ins, therefore you must install the Namecheap VPN App on your operating system to use it.

For a 14-day free trial of Namecheap’s VPN, sign up via iTunes or Google Play Store.


NameCheap VPN provides 1000+ servers in 75+ countries, and the list keeps growing. Some server locations, such as the UK, US, or Canada, can allow you stream Netflix content without border restrictions. List of vpn nations here.

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