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Cities with Prime Now:

 Atlanta, Georgia
• Austin, Texas
• Baltimore, Maryland
• Boston, Massachusetts
• Charlotte, North Carolina
• Chicago, Illinois
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• Columbus, Ohio
• Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
• Denver, Colorado
• Houston, Texas
• Indianapolis, Indiana
• Las Vegas, Nevada
• Los Angeles/Orange County, California
• Manhattan/Brooklyn, New York
• Miami, Florida
• Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
• Nashville, Tennessee
• Orlando, Florida
• Phoenix, Arizona
• Portland, Oregon
• Raleigh, North Carolina
• Richmond, Virginia
• Sacramento, California
• San Antonio, Texas
• San Diego, California
• San Francisco Bay Area, California
• Seattle/Eastside, Washington
• Tampa, Florida
• Virginia Beach, Virginia
• Washington, D.C Metro

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