BlueHost Hosting Renewal Coupon Code – 58% Off

BlueHost Hosting Renewal Coupon and Discount 2021: Save 58 Off!

Is Bluehost’s renewal pricing too high? Looking for a Bluehost renewal deal? So, like every other hosting business, Bluehost only offers the maximum discount when purchasing the initial plan. You can save money on Bluehost hosting renewal if you are concerned about the excessive costs of the hosting plans.

As I am discussing Bluehost renewal prices, I am referring to both categories of customers.

  • First-time Bluehost buyers
  • Those who already own Bluehost and wish to renew

From the title, it is clear that the second category will simply hunt for a Bluehost renewal coupon to save money. But how can new Bluehost customers save on renewals?

New Buyer? Save 58 % on Bluehost Renewal!

12 months @ $4.65/month = $55.8


But this year I must pay a renewal fee of $154. That’s $55.8, $183.94, and $183.94 for the first three years. $423.68

I must pay $245.48 more. Can you image my blunder? You save much more if you sign up for 60 months.

Q&As on Bluehost Renewal 2022

Whether you are purchasing a new hosting plan or renewing a current one, make sure to follow the above guidelines to maximise your hosting savings in 2021.

Bluehost renewal cost

Bluehost renewal hosting rates are as follows:
Plus – Monthly $16.99, 6 Month $16.99, 1 Year $13.99, 2 Year $12.99, 3 Year $11.99, 5 Year $11.99 Choice Plus – Monthly $29.99, 6 Month $29.99, 1 Year $18.99, 2 Year $17.99, 3 Year $16.99, 5 Year NA

The annual cost of Bluehost.

Bluehost’s monthly rates start at $2.95. To receive the best savings, acquire a hosting package for at least a year.

How do I renew Bluehost?

Log in to your Bluehost control panel to renew hosting. Go to the account tab at the top. In the sub-menu, click renew to see the current expiration date and your Renewal Options. Select Manual Renew and click Continue to save your changes.

Bluehost monthly cost

Bluehost Shared hosting options start at $7.99/month and go up to $23.99/month for 3 years. But you can get the Basic package for just $2.95, a 50% discount. All Bluehost plans offer a free 1-year domain registration, CDN, and SSL certificate. It starts at $19.95/month with Managed WordPress hosting and goes up to $79.99/month with VPS.

I hope this information on Bluehost renewal price 2021 was useful. If you have any more questions, please post them here.

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