Former NFL Player Paul Duncan Dead at 35

On July 16, a man named Paul Duncan, who had played for the Denver Broncos during his brief time in the National Football League, passed away at the age of 35. Read on for further information.

UPDATE: The office of the medical examiner in DeKalb County, Georgia, has confirmed to E! News that an inquiry is being conducted into Paul Duncan’s death.

Former NFL Player Paul Duncan Dead at 35

The world of football has suffered the loss of one of its own.

On July 16, Paul Duncan went away at the age of 35. He had briefly played for the Denver Broncos after signing with them as an undrafted free agent. Later on that same day, his wife, Ellen Duncan, posted on Instagram to confirm her husband’s passing.

She wrote, “Yesterday, Friday, July 15th, Paul went into cardiac arrest while running in our neighbourhood.” “Yesterday” was the 15th of July. It was determined that he had brain death today.

Ellen said, “In order to determine the cause of death, a medical examination will be performed. His body will be given to persons who are in need of organ transplants as well as to medical research institutions.” At the end of her message, she expressed her gratitude to everyone for their “prayers and support.”

Paul is survived by his two daughters, Dillon, who is six, and Sloane, who is four. The obituary that was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that he was a doting father to his daughters.

According to what was said in his obituary, “He embraced the role of girl dad,” doing everything from building playgrounds in the backyard to doing hair before school. “Dillon and Sloane adored Paul’s impromptu dance parties that he would throw in the kitchen, and they looked forward to his adventures with them in the water, whether it was at the lake with their family or at the pool with their friends.”

Between the years 2005 and 2009, Paul served as an offensive lineman for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team before making the transition to the National Football League.

In a tweet, the Notre Dame football team expressed their sadness at his passing: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul Duncan’s family and friends during this difficult time. An outstanding member of the team who, above all else, is a devoted husband and parent.”

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